UT Austin In-State Tuition

Investing in real estate at the University of Texas at Austin offers savings on tuition of up to $100,000 annually as well as gains on the underlying asset.

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Out of State Students pay 3.6x more for tuition than Texas residents.

Benefits of UT Austin Real Estate Investment

By owning property in Texas and paying in-state tuition rates, you stand to save north of $30,000 on tuition annually. These savings can approach $100,000 over the course of your student's time at UT. The sooner we act, the more semesters we can take advantage of this reduced tuition rate!
In-State Tuition savings

Why Invest in THIS Market Specifically?

There are over 50,000 students at the University of Texas and they need housing. For this reason, the campus area enjoys a very low vacancy rate. The campus area also boasts a quicker transition from tenant to tenant. The traditional lease cycle ends July 31 and begins again August 7-15, with many properties enforcing an "installment" rental schedule. This means that the month of August is NOT prorated, and this essentially makes the vacancy 0% for underwriting purposes.

At Longhorn Condos, we still use a 5% vacancy rate to underwrite deals because we take a conservative approach to all we do!
Low Vacancy

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